ZTE “Blade” L2

ZTE “Blade” L2 – An All-in-One Smartphone

A wide selection of stylish and feature-packed smartphones is now available on the market.  People want a practical and affordable smartphone such as ZTE Blade L2, which has a great cost to performance ratio. Powered by a quad-core 1.3 GHz MTK CPU and 1GB RAM, Blade L2 promises fluidity and speed. The 5-inch display is big enough for an enjoyable viewing experience. Support for WCDMA and 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi allows users to experience high speed connectivity on their phone. The 8 MP camera satisfies all your picture-taking needs. Blade L2 also supports analog television (ATV) and digital television (DTV) so that you can enjoy free TV at any time.


Less Is More


Blade L2 is a stylish smartphone that is appealing at first sight. With a bright white casing and clear-cut edges, it has a decidedly minimalist look. Blade L2 boasts a responsive 5-inch display with 16 M colors and 854 × 480 pixel resolution so that users can have comfortable viewing and game-playing experience. Portability is not hindered by the screen size. The phone is delicate and light at 142.5 × 72.2 × 8.95 mm. The narrow bezel on the right and left sides makes the phone look thin and also enables operation with one hand. To make the best of the display area, Blade L2 has three touch keys beneath the display.


Quick Action

Game and movie fans want a fast smartphone. Supported by a 1.3 GHz quad-core CPU, Android 4.2, and 1 GB RAM, Blade L2 quickly processes mainstream games and plays videos. In a performance test, Blade L2 smoothly plays 156 MB 1080p video without jamming, even when the video is dragged over and over again. Blade L2 supports both WCDMA and GSM networks. The WCDMA network has a downlink rate of up to 21 Mbps, which is fast enough for video downloads and webpage browsing. Blade L2 also has another trump card: 802.11 b/g/n high-speed Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 3.0+EDR, which enables instant picture sharing and video transfers.


Camera Functions
Smartphone cameras are being used more widely and have improved functions. Blade L2 sports an 8 MP rear-facing camera with auto focus and flash, and a 1 MP front camera. The camera modes include panorama, self-portrait and continuous shooting. When you’re taking a self-portrait, you can enable face recognition function to get a clearer portrait. Continuous shooting allows you to capture every important moment in the blink of an eye with 99 continuous shots supported. In the panorama mode, you can capture spectacular photos. In addition, it’s easy to adjust the exposure, color effects, and white balance.

Shoot this way

Blade L2 has strong shooting capabilities and good third-party photo editing apps can complement the phone. Snapseed automatically analyzes your photo and adjusts color and exposure to perfection. It also offers a range of effects, filters, and frames.


Pre-installed Services

Blade L2 provides an array of must-have Google service to meet the needs of your daily life, including Google Maps and G-mail. It also provides GPS navigation service to facilitate your trips.




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